Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Muslims moving forward

I want to share with you two articles I read in my local paper, the Baltimore Sun.

The first is about Egypt's first female mayor.

Eva Habil Kyrolos wears the distinction lightly as she tends to law and order and social matters in Komboha, the village her great-great-grandfather was granted in the 19th century. [...]

"People from nearby towns used to mock us, 'Oh, you have a woman mayor now,' " said Osama Gamel, a car mechanic, mimicking the needling chirps of those who poke fun. "But you know what? She's better than a man."
The second was a column by

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muse said...

One mistake many Americans make is equating the US "melting pot" civil rights etc with the situation of Israel in the middle east.
They are not the same at all.