Thursday, February 19, 2009

David Gregory has a Blog

I just found from Jeffrey Goldberg's blog that David Gregory of Meet the Press has a blog about politics (which is the center of his job) and spirituality. I added it to the Blog Roll on the right. I am surprised to learn that he's Jewish. My dad is a lot better than me in determining if someone is a member of the tribe by name and nose ... er' ... looks, hehe. Just look at that hair! Doesn't look very Semetic.

I'm not a religious person. Sometimes I prefer to call my self a "secular Jew" (like those styled in Israel) rather than a "Reform Jew." But I'm still very intrigued in theology, interpretation of Scripture, and striving for a fulfilling life. I was never excited in my Judaics classes in high school but now that I'm in college, I kinda miss them.

Apparently, Gregory and Goldberg study Tanakh together. I'm actually excited to read Gregory's blog because he's a famous TV personality, tribe member, has a blog, and he's going to talk about Judaism and spirituality. I saw him on the Daily Show once talking a bit about Israel so it looks like he knows his stuff about the Middle East too. Sounds like an appealing combination to me.

Extra: One of the features Gregory has on the blogs is "What I'm Reading Today" and then list 5 recent articles or blog posts (with links) with short descriptions. I like this so I'm going to do the same. I might not do it daily and I might accumulate a few important articles over a few days.

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