Monday, May 18, 2009

Reading ...

It's been awhile.

1. Excellent article posted on normblog - Therapists to the Jews: Psychologizing the 'Jewish Question' (by Shalom Lappin).

2. JPost blog post- An Iranian in Tel-Aviv.

3. NYTimes article - On Fiery Birth of Israel, Memories of 2 Sides Speak.

4. Israeli launches on-line tuition-free university.

5. Arabs in the IDF, conflict of identity.

6. The excellent Khaled Abu Toameh on the failure of Oslo and Western intervention on behalf of the Palestinians, and the terrible state of Palestinian politics.

Update: 7. Hinduism, just like Zionism?

1 comment:

LB said...

I finally read the rest of the articles I hadn't gotten to before.

2 - If it's true then wow.

5 - A very interesting topic, though the author's voice probably did "[obscure] those of her interviewees," especially since she considers Israel to be "a military with a state attached." Most Israeli Druze, btw, would not like to called Arabs at all.

7 - I didn't think that India defined itself as Hindu (although people do chant "Hindustan" in support of their country).