Monday, January 19, 2009

Israel = Apartheid?

Many critics and protesters of Israel have been comparing Israel to South Africa's apartheid system in the 80's. I admit I don't know much but South Africa during the 80's but I got the gist of it. The only thing similar between Israel now and S. Africa then is that people are trying to lead a campaign to delegitimize and boycott Israel. This analogy does not hold. Israeli Arabs which make up about 20% of Israel's population can vote, form parties, and run for office just like all citizens of Israel.

Some say that Israel has created an apartheid system in the West Bank. As the 18th century English theologian Joseph Butler once said, "Every thing is what it is, and not another thing." It is occupation, not something else. Focus on the issue. By distorting the discussion, you are more interested in hurting Israel than helping the Palestinians.

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