Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What I think should happen

I don't approve of Israel sending in ground forces. I think it exposes the soldiers to much. I think that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) as well as the Shin Bet (Israeli Intelligence) has done an amazing job (especially on the first day) by all military standards. I think Israel should extend the 3-hour daily humanitarian truce to 24 hours every other day. If Hamas keeps firing rockets during one of the quiet days, tell the world, "If you aren't going to stop them, we will." Then, perhaps, send in ground forces, though I am very uncomfortable with that idea. There have already been several friendly fire cases in Gaza and the mortar fire near the UN school should not be repeated. I think the ground forces know what they are doing but these unfortunate occurrences aren't worth it.

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N.P.S. said...

Just maybe, in the larger scheme of things that we are not familiar with, these occurrences are "worth it." Perhaps the General Staff of the IDF has more information than we do, and knows better than we do.