Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jewish and Palestinian Americans speak on the situation in Gaza

Ali Damah (Jordanian) from the organization, MidEastYouth, posted these videos of Jewish-, Palestinian-, and other Americans speaking about the situation in Gaza, on a local Fox affiliate in Florida. Considering that this is a "low-status TV station," the quality of the discussion was excellent; more content, less propaganda. The Palestinian woman on this show is intelligent and very open in the discussion. She doesn't place all the blame for the situation on Israel, but blames Hamas as well, while still expressing the Arab anger over the Israeli incursion into Gaza. She has a clear and thorough understanding of the situation in Gaza, in particular, as well as the general Middle East.

Another person who spoke on the show (via telephone) was a Christian missionary working in Gaza. She said that Hamas is hiding in their basements and civilian buildings. She said, "they are hiding in the people ... if they loved the people they would get away from the people." She also said that Hamas is supplying aid/food with families in exchange for young recruits. Don't forget Hamas raided UN aid trucks intended for the Gaza families. This is what Israel has been saying all along and now you have an on-the-scene, independent observer saying the same. It's tragic.

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